The successful comeback against Siena (instead their eighth consecutive knockout) is worth the three points needed for docking at an altitude of 42 Zaytsev and his companions, who remain the same forward thanks to a victory over Milan. The one with the Emma Vilas, however, is yet another demonstration of the character Revivre now increasingly among the protagonists of the championship. Yes, because the start is absolutely against prediction.

Milan begins in fact shy and Fallosa, Siena is rather aggressive and precise: Courtesy immediately puts the turbo (3-5), Ishikawa imitates and lengthens, Clévenot wrong and Andrea Giani Revivre the time-out is already under 3. Abdel but -Aziz square three missiles, shortens (6-9) and turns on a warm Palayamamay. Always under the score board, the test Revivre Siena to return but did not give a centimeter, on the contrary: it is the Ishigawa of +3, then Maruotti of 12-15.

On 13-17, Milan centers three points in a row and scares Siena, though Hernandex sends fear to the sender with a broadside (16-18). From here onwards is a monologue Siena: Ishigawa centra two ace which, combined with the out of Maar, to apply the +5 Siena, on 18-24 then Gladyr with the ball is put in the first pocket Sep. The script is reversed in the second because it is the Revivre to take over the game. The double ace Abdel-Aziz Siena sends the time-out 6-2.

Back at camp, the Dutch can not get enough of broadsides, he puts it on the ground and three other Siena is forced to another break. The script, however, changes slightly, this time Matthew Plan to make spells (11-2). In reception Siena cove (close the set with 14%) and it also takes advantage Sbertoli batting (16-6).

Milan in a blink on an eye salt 20-8, Siena test reaction with Savani and Hernandez up to 20-11 but Plan, Abdel-Aziz (which end with 8 points, including 6 ace) and the set point of Hirsch close up 25-12. Compared to the other two, the third set is opened with a point to point to a tight 10-10: Here we think Clévenot to launch Milan on 12-10.

The Maruotti wall on Abdel-Aziz equalized and restores the way to the point to point that, once again, is broken by the French Revivre with a diagonal missile for 15-13. Hernandez, the best of his 11 points in the set with, shortens (16-15) but Milan now has taken off: Maar is the +3, Abdel-Aziz signed the 19-16, Clévenot -5 from the booty. Siena grinds game with courage and determination and shortens the 23-22, led by Hernandez.

His magic left-handed then gives in Siena also crazy equal 23 (-6). Gladyr he scored the ace of 23-24 and the Sienese see the festival. At this 1xbet customer care point, however, it returns a point to point and continues until the 30th of: here is to shoot Maar ground the 32-30 final.

The Revivre knows that the fourth set is crucial in key engagement in Modena fourth part as well with the turbo. Maar first and a double Ablde-Aziz signed the fastest 11-9. Siena does not get burned and continues to keep pace with Milan until 20-19.

Here, however, the Revivre pulls out the claws and does not distract. The 24-22 is the usual Abdel-Aziz, the power to close games. Milan wins and takes the fourth place. Kevin Ben Ali Zinati

February 8, 2019 – Milan’s defeat against Scotland was digested and the reaction was seen in training. Italy is approaching the challenges of tomorrow with Wales at the Olympic Stadium for the second day of the Six Nations with “confidence built work this week.” The team captain Sergio Parisse confirms fact of having seen a group decided to redeem the Murrayfield defeat: “After a defeat the climate can only be negative, God forbid.

Also because we are tired of just being competitive, we want to win. But Monday saw a very positive atmosphere, enthusiasm, desire to react and face a great team like Wales. ” The Padovani goal against Scotland.

IPP climate – Parisse, however, in line with what has been said by several teammates in recent days, see instead a climate “not positive” around the team. “From the outside it’s normal that you look at the results – says the captain – but around, the way you talk to us, I feel confident.” More than one player in recent days has pointed comments often offensive against them. But Parisse back to move the lens on things to do on the pitch: “There is a desire to be masters of the game, something that has not happened in Scotland in the first half.

And the need to avoid defensive errors in the first phase, we defended badly. We do not want to spend the afternoon to defend ourselves in our 30 meters, but go and play in the right areas of the field. ” After 18 consecutive defeats in the Six Nations, in fact it’s hard to hold fast to the route: “None of us is satisfied, no one is content to play. But we are not here because the other nations like the Italian climate or take a weekend in Rome.

We are here because before us great players have earned the right to be there, who have done great things with this shirt. While we have shown that those who would come to our place is still far away. ” VIDEOS OF JOURNAL opponent TV – Wales is the No.

3 power in the world ranking and comes from 10 consecutive victories: “It was so long since I saw play as bad as the first time with France, for their mistakes, for weather conditions and field, for the pressure of the French, “says Parisse. “It can be said that Wales did not play an outstanding rugby, but very effective, with a scrum that does not suffer and talented frontline. We obviously looked at where you can put in difficulty, we have worked well and we are confident.

We have to think of things to do, to have more possession than the game in Scotland. They have made 10 changes? Our motivation is to face Wales we do not care who plays or not, we have no special reasons, we respect everyone. ” Roberto Parretta  @ robertoparretta

November 9, 2018 – Milan Pittsburgh back to being that imagined in preseason: an authoritative candidate for a place in the Super Bowl in Atlanta. The Steelers (6-2-1) overwhelm Carolina (6-3) 52-21 on Thursday Night NFL opening the tenth day. Roethlisberger complete 22 of his 25 in the evening passes, for 328 yds and even 5 goals. Without sustained interceptions.

Exactly the kind of relentless attack, completed from the goal on the ground than usual Conner, that rivals Kansas City and New England for AFC supremacy. The good news for Pitt could not end here: the president Rooney says it expects the Bell return for next week. The running back dissident has until Tuesday to return available, otherwise his season will end without playing: it would lose eligibility for the remainder of the season.

But Bell is back in town, spotted on a basketball court … The idea to add it to an attack with Big Ben, Brown, Conner and Smith-Schuster can and perhaps should scare the rest of the league. The Panthers Heinz Field were swept away miserably. Reid, the safety, the symbol of the frustration of host defense, has unnerved until being expelled for a shot forbidden Roethlisberger, impressed with the helmet against helmet as he slid to the ground.

Brown, who received the morning of the game notification of a speeding with his black Porsche – went to 100 mph through the streets and could be in big trouble – continued to run even stronger on the gridiron: 96 yds of sockets and a half. Smith-Schuster has placed the sprint from 75 yds and 6 points, the racing game of the Steelers, ground 138 yds to summarize the fireworks on the steps. In short, thanks to an attack so rampant there’s just been playing.

Battle in the third quarter RACE – And to say that Carolina, the Carolina ambitious Cam Newton, had started well. Turning into a touchdown McCaffrey, launched by Superman, the first possession. The running back / receiver from Stanford was the only happy note Panthers: three tries. But then the unthinkable happened.

In just 23 “overall, a record, the goals to the board became three. Two of the Steelers. That marked the first-axis Big Ben Schuster, then thanks to the defense.

Williams intercepted Newton for a pick 6. Immediately 21-7, and then the interval 31-14. Match already closed. The Steelers won the fifth in a row, and after a hesitant start are exactly what they expected their fans: legitimate aspirants to the Super Bowl.

Between two Sundays in Jacksonville they will play against the Jaguars defense for a proof of offensive superpowers found and the revenge of the defeat of the last playoffs.